Linn County Animal Rescue is a multi purpose, NON RIDING, rescue facility.  Our main programs focus on abused and neglected equine, hospice dogs, and community individuals with different disability issues.

  • Our rescued equine come from law enforcement seizures or volunteer surrenders.  We do not buy or sell the animals and have strict adoption applications; the goal is to find the right forever home, not move them from one bad situation to another.  The ones that are not adoptable because of age, condition, or health become lifetime residents.  We have worked with 7 counties in Oregon and helped on over 250 seizures.
  • We work with Linn County Animal Control for the hospice dogs.  They are usually old and not adoptable; the County has no place to care for them.  They are the throw aways.  At LCAR, they are offered love, care, a warm and comfortable place to spend the rest of their life  No one should have to die cold and alone.
  • Our community programs involve using these wonderful animals for therapy.  Working with Linn County Mental Health and Linn County Developmental Disabilities, we offer programs for the developmentally disabled, those suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, cancer, chronic pain, and other social handicaps.  Cindy Orr is a Certified Peer Support Specialist eligible to work in addictions and mental health recovery.

And finally, we have been a 501(c)3 nonprofit since 2008; all donations we receive go directly to the horses/care.  We are 100% volunteer run.