LCAR is in the midst of a barn renovation project! This project is essential to providing our horses with comfortable living conditions that allow them to get the most out of their rehab. We are in need of plywood, hinges and/or cash donations, so please contact us at 541-258-3422 if you can help!

LCAR was the top prize winner ($3000) for non profits organizations that belong to Points for Profit for 2020. We were so excited to be awarded and recognized for our efforts on #shoplocal #servelocal #sustainlocal, that is so important to our small local businesses. Please go to the Points for Profit tab, if you’d like more information on this organization and how we’ve been able to benefit from our involvement. This also gives info if you would like to help us out through this fundraiser.

Summer is upon us, and lots of projects being worked on and/or completed. Our road and parking area has been revamped with fresh gravel. Our handicapped accessible port-a-pot has been situated in a better spot. Work is finished on a mouse proof storage for our senior horse feed bought by the ton. Our indoor dog kennel/storage has a new floor covering and the hot water is installed along with washer/dryer!! Outside dog kennels are now covered. And below are future projects in the works or being completed. We also removed 400+ tree stumps in preparation to seed grass to be able to raise our own hay in the future. Steps in the right direction!

(1) continuing to finish the outside walls on the arena, and

(2) working on revamping the outside dog run area and installing a hot water heater in the inside dog kennel area to help with washing dog bedding, and

(3) seeking funding for building a storage barn for hay; to rent an excavator to dig up stumps in pasture, allowing us to reseed fields for doing our own haying.

These projects are being done through grants, donations of $$$/material, and volunteers.