Points for Profit

Read below on how saving receipts helps LCAR earn money.

Points for Profit connects business sponsors with non-profit groups to help both. Businesses pay a monthly membership fee and are given exclusivity in their category. In return they get advertising in multiple forms. Plus, the chance to interact in person monthly with potential buyers.


Non-profit organizations representing over 100,000 individuals work to raise funds for their programs by shopping our business sponsors and purchasing their goods or services and saving receipts for which they receive points. At the end of the year, the non-profit that earns the most points will receive the largest of amount of money which has been collected into a prize pool. Organizations can earn points in many other ways as well, such as attendance a monthly meetings (where businesses display and promote their products), by shopping all the businesses, attending special events the businesses are sponsoring and responding to special offerings by the businesses will earn you even more bonus points. In addition, you will receive points for every dollar spent with the businesses in our program. Non-profits are asked to attend monthly meetings and turn their receipts and point total in at our monthly meetings. Businesses are given an opportunity to share about their business at these monthly meetings. Giving everyone a chance to learn new and relative information.

Non-profits do not pay any money to be a part of the program but do sign a contract to attend six meetings and two workshops and turn in six sets of receipts throughout the program.

Points for Profit is a grass roots program that has harnessed millions of dollars yearly to the local businesses in our program as well as given back thousands to non-profits each year. Points for Profit webpage is www.pointsforprofit.org.

Linn County Animal Rescue received $1,500 in 2018, for their first year of participation, and $5000 for 2019 as the top prize winner in this program. Please see attached list for the businesses participating. If you have any questions, or would like an updated list of businesses, contact Laurie at smousehouse@casco.net.

In 2020 LCAR was acknowledged for our work with Points for Profit