Scarlett at Time of Rescue
Scarlett Eight Months After Rescue


Scarlett was seized in 2009 by the Linn County Sheriff’s Office Livestock Investigation Team. At the time, she had a Henneke Body Score of .05. She was starving to death and not expected to live (a score of 1 on the Henneke scale is typically the lowest, indicating a horse is considered emaciated, with NO body fat).

LCAR was called to pick her up and she was legally signed over to the Rescue. Her age (31) and neglected condition put all the odds against her making a recovery.

With a precise re-feeding program, medical attention, hands on care, and her own will to live, Scarlett beat the odds and survived

Two years later, she was a health beautiful 33 year old who could be seen running across the fields, enjoying her second chance at life.


At Linn County Animal Rescue, we provide a safe healing place where abused, neglected, and starved horses can recover and get another chance at living a loving life. We also provide a life-long actuary–a forever home for horses like Scarlett to live out their lives.


Because of her amazing recovery and zest for life, Scarlett was chosen as the SPOKEHORSE for our monthly support program–reminding us what is possible when horses who seem to be beyond help are given another chance with proper care, nutrition, medical attention, and love!


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      Help save a life–sponsor a horse with a monthly donation, for one horse or for all. Life residents at LCAR are the ones that are not adoptable and are with us for a reason; some due to injury, others age or physical condition.

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      By sponsoring, you would be able to provide hay and/or grain for a month, horseshoeing, etc. Some of the basic needs are approximate figures listed below.

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