Give Back Program and Sponsorship


This is an ongoing program which began in the summer of 2010. The intent is to give back to  individuals that do not have an opportunity to have an animal in their lives. To learn responsibility in caring for a living animal and to enrich their lives with an unconditional bond. Each person is paired with a well experienced equine for a project with set goals depending on the experiences of both..



 It would be great if you would Sponsor through our special Scarlett’s Friends program.

            A life is priceless


Life Residence who need Sponsors

EASY 2012

A beautiful black and white paint gelding, seized for abuse. Good disposition (has forgiven humans), will be a life resident because of broken nose and chronic swelling of back legs (healing prospect very good). Used to teach novices about care of a horse and what abuse scars can look like. Easy needs your help to recover and be healthy.



SLEW 2011

Big husky TB gelding, injured on race track, not race-able but used for light riding. Good lesson horse or just to get around horses. A sponsor would be great to help Slew give back to the community.



24 years young, solid built bay gelding. Wise, stubborn, and a great pack horse.

Can pack equipment or people. Loved as a lesson horse, likes people. Goal is to retire and

live a good life as a horse. He would love to have someone to help him.




MISS T                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Tall TB mare, fast and fun to ride for experienced rider, has somewhat of an attitude,   excellent for demonstrations, has trust issues and needs to be handled by selected individuals only. Beautiful animal, needs a sponsor to stay that way.                                   




A young white gelding with blue eyes, what a looker. Playboy came to LCAR thru a seizure. Unfortunately for a while it was a real struggle for him, he had surgery and spent 6 days at Linn Veterinary Hospital. Because of his special needs he will remain at the facility. He is a real character and is loved by everyone that is around him. Playboy needs a sponsor. 




 Lacy is a beautiful apply mare, but she is blind.       078

Both Lacey and her seeing eye buddy Sahara (older 

mare) need sponsors. You can help them live a normal








  Ace is an older well trained gelding, but has an old injury left front

leg and can not be ridden very long or hard. He is healthy and would like to

live a retired life being a horse. Needs a sponsor to help that come true.








There are other life residence that need sponsors, donate to the horses who need you.









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