Before you consider adopting me, realize that I am a forever horse.

I am not your until-you-get-bored or until-you-lose-interest-in-me horse.

I am not your until-your-child-goes-off-to-college or until-she-finds-boys-instead horse.

I am not your until-you-have-to-move: until-you-get-pregnant: until-I get-lame or old horse.

If you cannot promise that I am your care-for-me-until-I-die horse, please do not consider adopting me.

I am a Forever Horse who has been through too much already.

Adoption fee  

How to Adopt 

We are looking for people that care about animals and wish to be a part of their lives. These animals (as do all of us) need to be cared for to make the rest of their lives happy and healthy.

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Adoption Application Materials

 Click on the links below to see the Application Materials. Just print the documents, then complete by hand.

Or, you can right click the link and save the pdf documents to your computer. Then print and complete by hand.

LCAR Adoption Application

LCAR Adoption Agreement

To open these documents, you’ll need Adobe Reader. If you don’t already have it, you can get it here:


Next, send your completed and signed application and agreement form thru e mail to ( or or mail  to: 

LCAR, PO Box 2669, Lebanon, OR 97355

Please contact LCAR for horses that are currently available.








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